Company Reports and Follow Companies


For this session, we’re going to show you how to look at company reports and follow companies. It’s a quick way to automate email alerts to target companies you want to keep track of. So when you first log in, again, you will come to your main dashboard. Here you’ll see the projects tab, which you could use to set up safe searches, but then the companies tab is located right here. So all you’ll do is click on that company’s tab. From here. You’ve got different filters you can use, but typically you’ll just type in the company name you’d like to search. So if we want to look for Turner construction, we can type in just Turner. Click the search companies button from here. This will build a list of all different companies. Now again, since we select a Turner, you’ll see a full list, but you can scroll through and get a list of all different ones.

So you come down and find the one that you’d like. And there is Turner construction company. What I’ll do here is just click on the link here and from here it will pull up a company report. The company report is broken into a few different sections. So we’ll give you a whole outlook of full pipeline of projects that they’re working on. And you’ll see these different tabs here are the overview tab, which will give you an analysis projects activity. But if you click on the projects tab, it’ll give you a full list of projects that are involved with and you can click on any of these reports and it’s a good way to again get a full pipeline if you’re calling into the company to see other projects they’re working on. We also have a people in locations tab here as well, which will give you contacts that we’ve had that are based on contacts but in past projects, upcoming projects, current projects, uh, and again you’ll get the contact information, email addresses, there’s LinkedIn links as well, and then you’ll see a relationships tab.

And this will give you ideas of companies that Turner has worked with on the past, current projects as well. And you could see the number of projects they’ve been involved with. So you get to see who they work with, their architect to choice and owners. Developers, those contexts as well. And then the last tab gives you activity information. So again, the most recent projects and updates that they’ve been involved in and you can use, these are live links as well. You can go in and pull up those reports based on there as well. So all different tabs that you have, we give you some insight into number of projects. We have people, locations, uh, information like that as well. And then in the upper right you’ll see the follow button. So if we want to follow them as a company, just one click, click on follow, this will activate that.

And what will happen is whenever Turner is involved in a project new or updated, we will also send you an email alert. So again, it’s a great way to an eye and keep track of companies that matter to you and a good way to monitor their activity and make sure you’re staying on top of all their projects. If we go back to the my account, but in the upper portion here with this will do is it will now show you in this middle column following. So again, you’ll see any projects you may be following or companies, and you can click on this link as well. And here we actually see Turner now listed as a company. We’re following with the others that we have within here, but just a good way to, again, keep an eye on companies and track that and automate that. Uh, just like a safe search. But this is targeting companies themselves.